What are the differences between Checkpoint Systems and Alpha High Theft Solutions?

What are the differences between Checkpoint Systems and Alpha High Theft Solutions 1 alarm, 2 alarm and 3 alarm solutions?

The following is a brief explanation of the Alpha High Theft Solutions 1, 2 and 3 Alarm products functionality.

1,2, and 3 alarm solutions encompass individual and combined security solutions for whatever your loss issue is.

The functionality begins with our Alpha 1 Alarm device and it will activate the Checkpoint Systems Electronic Article Surveillance antenna if a breach occurs.

The Alpha 2 Alarm device has added security that in addition to activating upon breach it will activate if the device is cut or even tampered with. The cable is coated and made from aircraft strength cable for extreme durability and reliability. The coating on the cable not only protects the merchandise from theft but protects it from the device.

For our most complete device the Alpha 3 Alarm Includes the same as 1 and 2 alarm actions, activation upon breach and activation upon tampering or cutting, It also will continue alarming with an extended range protection at 95 Decibels for up to 10 minutes after shoplifter has left the premises. The standard decibel is a ratio of how much acoustical energy we hear with and for human conversation is 35 to 45 DCB. This technology provides an extra piece of mind when added to your security solution to stop shoplifting.

Alpha High Theft Solutions1 Alarm, 2 Alarm & 3 Alarm Devices

We are frequently asked what the difference between Alpha High Theft Solution devices that have 1 Alarm, 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm features. In the clothing security world we can use those devices in conjunction with a clothing alarm and regular security tags. These devices are used for merchandise that we have a more serious problem with or that shoplifters have targeted that may not be able to utilize traditional security tags on clothes. Alpha Security 1 Alarm – These types of clothing security tags or devices will only trigger the antennas at the doors. A regular hard tag or label will do this. However, Alpha also has Spider Wraps, Cable Loks and other items that will cause an alarm. Alpha Security 2 Alarm – A 2 alarm device will do what a 1 alarm device does plus it will “self-alarm”. Self-alarm means that if a shoplifter tries to remove the device, cut the cables, pry the device off or damage it the device itself will go into alarm. These 2 alarm devices have a built in sounder that produces about 90 dB of sound. That will immediately draw attention to the shoplifter. Normal repeated use by customers and store personnel will not cause an alarm. These devices are very robust. Alpha Security 3 Alarm – These devices do everything that a 1 and 2 alarm device does plus when the shoplifter tries to leave the property the 3 alarm devices built in sounder, again about 90 dB goes off. The shoplifter then has a choice they can run down the street or mall with this sounder going off, attracting attention to themselves or they can drop the merchandise. The sounder will last up to 10 minutes once the shoplifter passes through the antennas. These clothing security tags are as robust as any Checkpoint tags or Alpha clothing security device. They have excellent construction, solid plastic welds and high quality electronic components. Of course the added benefit is that they are reusable over and over saving you money and labor. Alpha High Theft Solutions are not intended to be for all merchandise. It is clearly more cost effective to use Checkpoint tags for the bulk of your merchandise. But remember your clothing alarm is only as good as the security tags on clothes. Visit the Loss Prevention Store to purchase a clothing alarm or clothing security tags. For more information on Checkpoint tags, clothing security, clothing alarm, or clothing security tags contact us at security tags on clothes or call 1.770.426.0547

Solutions to prevent shoplifting – Checkpoint Systems and staffing

Just yesterday I was at a hardware store and heard one of the Checkpoint Systems go into alarm mode. One of the employees mentioned to me to simply ignore the “noise” and mentioned that the system would soon stop to make that noise. I was not quite sure how to interpret his response. If I was a shoplifter I might take his response as apathy on the employee’s part. The Checkpoint Systems detected that an item had been taken out of the store for a specific reason. Most likely the Checkpoint system went into alarm mode due to a Checkpoint tag or Checkpoint label not having been deactivated but no employee should simply make the generic determination that this was a mistake on the system’s part and wave the customer through the door. This behavior is like a gold mine to a shoplifter. It gives them the impression that they have the green light to shoplift. Shoplifters know and watch for this kind of apathy. They conceal an item on themselves, purchase several other items, set off the Checkpoint systems and wait for the wave on. If I was a shoplifter and had seen an employee taken their job and job responsibilities seriously by approaching the custom and say “My apologies, our inventory control system has picked up a tag that we must have failed to remove or deactivate. Let me take care of that now.” Once this employee has sorted out the alarm he/she may find that it was a case of shoplifting. As a shoplifter I might now have second thoughts and probably will go to the business next door to pursue my trade. Checkpoint Systems will give you additional support when your employee coverage is low due to the volume of customers on the floor. Or maybe your staff’s attention is deterred by a situation created by a shoplifter who is intentionally trying to distract your employee. This could not happen to the Checkpoint Systems; they are working 24/7 without any time off, vacation or sick days (well, maybe a sick day if someone breaks it). Shoplifting will never go away. The current economic conditions are not promising to reduce shoplifting. However, even in the best of times you cannot afford to allow profits to walk out the door! For more information contact us or call 1.770.426.0547