LPSI is a Veteran owned company that provides you with solutions as well as ongoing training to keep you abreast of making better hiring decisions, dealing with shoplifters, employee theft and much more.

An Award Winning History!


Loss Prevention Systems’ staff has the experience and history to address and solve your loss prevention issues. That experience is not limited to working in the trenches apprehending shoplifters and employees who are stealing but also involves guiding the loss prevention industry from the Board Room.

We have the knowledge and expertise to solve your loss prevention problems. Working out of our professional offices, we provide you with the best practices and solutions.

LPSI provides you with solutions as well as ongoing training to keep you abreast of making better hiring decisions, dealing with shoplifters, employee theft and much more.

Even better installation, customer service and customer training than before with the install of your Checkpoint System. This includes free, live shoplifting prevention training by a loss prevention industry expert for the life of your Checkpoint System. No wonder Loss Prevention Systems just keep winning awards!

Stop Shoplifters Once & For All


Are you ready to tell the thieves to go elsewhere and leave you alone? Fixing your shoplifting problem is not difficult. Let an industry expert help you take more money to the bank.

Loss Prevention Systems provides you with much more than equipment. Loss Prevention training is key to the success of any program. We have it, you need it! After professionally installing your NEW state of the art Checkpoint System; we will train you in the prevention of shoplifting with our “Shoplifting, because loss is a four letter word” training program, LIVE. This is much more than how to put tags and labels on. We will show you how to go on the attack against shoplifters and take your store back while making your good customers even happier and purchasing more.

Checkpoint Shoplifting Prevention – Don’t settle for some import junk or used system that was laying on a garage floor until you came along. Checkpoint Systems is the world leader in RF Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) systems. Their Research and Development is unmatched by any other EAS company. Checkpoint’s R&D is light years ahead of the pack of “ring the bell, flash the light” crowd. We are so confident in our equipment that Checkpoint Evolve Systems carry a 5 year electronics warranty. Try to find that anywhere else. Checkpoint Systems technology is advanced science that is opening the doors to other uses.

Want an accurate customer count by hour of the day, not just who made a purchase? Check out VisiPlus People Counting. Would you like your Checkpoint system to double its duty and advertise your newest merchandise? Check out the AD Panels in our Classic Street and P30 systems.

Take a look around our website, browse our Retail Loss Prevention ON-LINE STORE, read what to consider before investing in shoplifting prevention technology. Then give us a call at 1-866-914-2567. Your questions will be answered by our been there, done that staff. We grew up in the field as LP experts with our roots in apprehending shoplifters and designing LP policy, procedures and programs for small to major worldwide retailers.  

Put some teeth in your anti-shoplifting efforts today with the experts from Loss Prevention Systems and Checkpoint Systems. Sell More, Lose Less!    

Loss Prevention Systems


Get training and support for shoplifting, employee theft and strategic loss prevention guidance. Read our summary about Checkpoint Systems as well as Alpha Security Systems and how it effects your store.

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