Digital Food & Pharmaceutical Safety: A Complete Solution

As the Premier Loss Prevention Dealer for Sensormatic, Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. (LPSI) is proud to offer Penn Connected. This cloud based solution allows customers to monitor, record and optimize and supervise their task management and compliance requirements with as digital platform.

LPSI’s Penn Connected solution is economical for a single location or retail store or a major nationwide footprint. Smaller operations benefit from a platform that until recently only a major corporation could afford.

  • Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. offers temperature and alarm monitoring for refrigerated, frozen and hot items
  • Task management compliance fort FDA, OSHA, Food Safety, Environmental and your companies individual tasks
  • We use both sensors and thermal imaging
  • Cold –chain Logistics Monitoring

Food Industry 

Food Service

Restaurants, Coffee Shops, Hotels

Grocery Stores


Convenience Stores

Health Care


Health Clinics

Vaccine Storage

Research Facilities

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing



Warehousing and Distribution Centers

Data Centers

Chemical Manufacturing


Temperature, Humidity, and Door Sensors

  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Alarm notifications
  • Escalation process

Thermal Imaging

  • Non-Contact Infrared
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Multiple zones of interest in 1 camera

Cloud Platform

  • Define standards and processes
  • Client, site, and user configuration
  • KPI dashboard and reports

Bluetooth Probe and Mobile App

  • Record compliance data
  • Respond to alarms
  • Receive scheduled reminders

How does our thermal imaging work?

  • 24/7, Infrared, non-contact measuring
  • Polygonal detection areas that are fully configurable in 10 separate sections that allow you to monitor individual temperature levels or change rates
  • Safeguards include cybersecurity features that are built into the system

Penn Connected Features

Cloud-based, using IoT and the latest digital technology, all fully accessible via mobile device anytime from anywhere. LPSI and Sensormatic provide a complete safety and compliance package.

24/7 temperature monitoring of wireless IoT sensors and alarms means the you receive the reight alerts.

Digitized regulatory procedures allow employees to complete tasks efficiently through on-site mobile device.

Scheduling tasks and checklists to achieve organization and efficiency, leading to high levels of compliance.

Dashboard allows users to assess a site’s performing against set KPIs and apply corrective actions as needed.

Traceability facilitates seamless tracking of product throughout your operation

Reporting provides easy-to-access, downloadable data to meet audit needs

Manager Sign-Off provides quick, digital accountability

Offline capabilities allows sensors to monitor even if connectivity or power is lost

Case studies have shown that this system will pay for itself in as little as six months.

Stop losing valuable produce, food, and other consumables. Protect your company from damage to your reputation and loss of customers NOW

Contact LPSI today and let Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. move you forward and make your business even more efficient and profitable.