What do you mean ME? Prevent shoplifting? Recent studies show that a lack of deterrence efforts by a retailer will add up to 75% more shoplifting in a store. This makes sense, don’t do anything and your store will be wide open. Not only will shoplifters hit you but they will keep coming back over and over. Then to add insult to injury their shoplifter buddies will start to show up. Now your store is “shoplifting central”.

Shutting down shoplifters is a no brainer. A “good” program that will prevent shoplifting is made up of employees that are trained and comfortable in good customer service skills that drive shoplifters crazy. It’s simple really; Approach any suspected shoplifter as you would any customer. “Hello, how can I help you?” This type of simple greeting will shut most impulse shoplifters. Chances are they will not shoplift in your store during that visit.

A “best practices” program that will prevent shoplifting involves more. Your employees must know the techniques to send amateur and professional shoplifters down the street in frustration to your competition (who is not as smart as you!). This involves more skill and knowledge through training.

Additionally to prevent shoplifters from making your store the shoplifting hot spot in the city you must understand that they know your store as well or better than you do. They will select a time of day when your employee to customer ratio is the poor. Since you are busy it makes it easier for them. To compensate you must use an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system. EAS systems like a Checkpoint system bring the fight to the shoplifter.

Aggressive and proactive customer service that is appealing to customers and very stomach turning to shoplifters can only be achieved with training. However, once your people are trained you as the leader must regularly reinforce it. All of us have all put programs in together and in place. We feel GREAT! We fixed the issue! Then, six months later we back to where we started. Our failure is that we did not keep it a priority with our employees.

Are you the cause of your shoplifting problem? Prevent shoplifting 24/7, no exceptions.
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