We are frequently asked what the difference between Alpha High Theft Solution devices that have 1 Alarm, 2 Alarm and 3 Alarm features. In the clothing security world we can use those devices in conjunction with a clothing alarm and regular security tags. These devices are used for merchandise that we have a more serious problem with or that shoplifters have targeted that may not be able to utilize traditional security tags on clothes.

Alpha Security 1 Alarm – These types of clothing security tags or devices will only trigger the antennas at the doors. A regular hard tag or label will do this. However, Alpha also has Spider Wraps, Cable Loks and other items that will cause an alarm.

Alpha Security 2 Alarm – A 2 alarm device will do what a 1 alarm device does plus it will “self-alarm”. Self-alarm means that if a shoplifter tries to remove the device, cut the cables, pry the device off or damage it the device itself will go into alarm. These 2 alarm devices have a built in sounder that produces about 90 dB of sound. That will immediately draw attention to the shoplifter. Normal repeated use by customers and store personnel will not cause an alarm. These devices are very robust.

Alpha Security 3 Alarm – These devices do everything that a 1 and 2 alarm device does plus when the shoplifter tries to leave the property the 3 alarm devices built in sounder, again about 90 dB goes off. The shoplifter then has a choice they can run down the street or mall with this sounder going off, attracting attention to themselves or they can drop the merchandise. The sounder will last up to 10 minutes once the shoplifter passes through the antennas.

These clothing security tags are as robust as any Checkpoint tags or Alpha clothing security device. They have excellent construction, solid plastic welds and high quality electronic components. Of course the added benefit is that they are reusable over and over saving you money and labor. Alpha High Theft Solutions are not intended to be for all merchandise. It is clearly more cost effective to use Checkpoint tags for the bulk of your merchandise. But remember your clothing alarm is only as good as the security tags on clothes.

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