Some time back I reviewed a study that was discussing the behavior of habitual shoplifters. Do you realize that these habitual shoplifters will try to steal from your store again and again since there is only a 2 percent chance that they will be caught if you do not currently use one of the Checkpoint Systems.

When I was Director of Loss Prevention at a major national retailer, I saw immediate results when we installed Checkpoint systems in our stores. The shoplifters simply went somewhere else since the EAS system was the only cost effective way to shut them down. Shoplifting was no longer a given in our stores. Since people who steal are lazy for the most part, utilizing Checkpoint systems made their “job” more difficult. And so they decided to travel another path of lesser resistance by visiting the store next door.

Remember, that even when a shoplifter is caught in your store, the chances are very high that they will hit you again unless you begin to use Checkpoint systems to deter shoplifters from doing what they do.

After having installed an Electronic Article Surveillance System, we would attach checkpoint tags on merchandise that used to be targeted by the shoplifters. We would be able to decrease the theft of these high target items. This strategy also allowed us to monitor our inventory and we could easily use checkpoint tags or checkpoint labels on merchandise as needed. We were able to respond to the theft issues and begin to effectively protect our merchandise.

These Checkpoint labels can be disguised in a number of ways and are paper thin. Other system tags may be easily spotted by a shoplifter and removed from the merchandise. You may also think about attaching several checkpoint tags on particularly hot merchandise. Just make sure you add these checkpoint tags several different spots on the items.

Paying close attention to your customers creates a positive customer service experience. Greet them when they walk in, follow up with them on the sales floor and make sure that they can reach you easily. Shoplifters hate this very concept!

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