Discourage Shoplifters!

Discourage Shoplifters!

Shoplifting can has a significant impact on small to medium-sized retailers. Not only does it lead to loss of profits, but it can also be dangerous for employees and customers if confrontations arise. Therefore, it is crucial for retailers to take steps to DISCOURAGE shoplifting and protect their business. One effective way to do this is by implementing a Sensormatic system.

A Sensormatic system is a type of electronic article surveillance (EAS) system that uses tags or labels attached to merchandise and detection devices placed at store exits to alert store personnel when a product is being stolen. Here are some ways a Sensormatic system can discourage shoplifters:

Visible deterrent: The presence of Sensormatic systems, including antennas and tags, can act as a visible deterrent to shoplifters. Knowing that a store is actively taking measures to prevent shoplifting can make it less appealing for potential thieves to target the store.

Sensormatic system: When a shoplifter attempts to leave the store with a tagged item, the Sensormatic system will trigger an alarm. This can alert employees and security personnel to the theft, allowing them to intervene quickly and prevent the shoplifter from leaving the store undetected.

Monitoring: Sensormatic systems can also be linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) security cameras, allowing for continuous monitoring of the store. This can help identify potential shoplifters and provide evidence in the event of theft. Sensormatic AI is on the cutting edge and is very affordable to even the smallest retailer.

Additional monitoring: Sensormatic systems can provide real-time alerts to Retailers smart devices such as a cell phone. We also can keep track of customer counts by hour of the day, day of the week. This allows you to put Associates on the floor where and when they are needed!

In addition to implementing a Sensormatic system, there are several other steps that small to medium-sized retailers can take to discourage shoplifting:

Employee training: Train employees on how to identify and prevent shoplifting. Provide them with clear guidelines on how to approach and handle suspected shoplifters. We provide this live training to our customers as often as you need it, free of charge!

Customer service: Providing excellent customer service can help deter shoplifters. When employees are attentive and friendly, it creates a less anonymous and more engaging atmosphere for customers, making them less likely to attempt to steal. Loss Prevention Systems teaches a method that allows your Associates to identify, frustrate and subsequently run off the shoplifter while providing excellent customer service to you good customers.

Store layout: Design the store layout in a way that allows for clear visibility and easy monitoring of all areas. Avoid creating blind spots or areas that are difficult to see from the cash register or other high-traffic areas.

Display merchandise carefully: Display expensive or high-risk items in locked cases or behind the cash register. This will make it more difficult for shoplifters to access these items without attracting attention.

Yes, shoplifting can have a significant impact on small to medium-sized retailers, but there are steps that can be taken to discourage shoplifting and protect the business. You are not in this alone. Loss Prevention Systems can help you to minimize your shoplifting problem. As a part of an overall plan implementing a Sensormatic system is an effective way to prevent shoplifting, while employee training, customer service, store layout, and careful merchandise display can also help deter potential thieves.

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Liquor Store Shoplifting

Shoplifting is a major concern for liquor store owners and managers, as it can result in significant financial losses and damage to your store’s reputation. However, there are a number of steps that liquor store owners and managers can take to prevent shoplifting and minimize its impact on their business.

  1. Visible Security Measures: Having visible security measures such as cameras, security mirrors, and Sensormatic Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) can deter shoplifters from attempting to steal items from the store. This not only helps to prevent shoplifting, but it also provides evidence that can be used to prosecute individuals who are caught shoplifting.
  2. Employee Awareness: Employee awareness is key in preventing shoplifting. Encourage employees to be alert and proactive and provide GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE in identifying potential shoplifters. Training employees to recognize suspicious behavior and providing them with clear procedures for responding to suspected shoplifters can help to reduce shoplifting incidents. Loss Prevention Systems can provide you with training.
  3. Product Placement: Positioning high-value items in a visible location, near a cash register or in a well-lit area, can make it more difficult for shoplifters to steal these items. Additionally, securing high-value items with Sensormatic tags or bottle Caps WILL deter shoplifters.
  4. Good Store Design: A well-designed store can make it easier for employees to keep an eye on customers and for security cameras to monitor the store. A Sensormatic System will help you watch areas that are not easily monitored or when customer traffic is high. Consider rearranging the store to improve visibility and minimize blind spots.
  5. Customer Service: Providing excellent customer service can help to prevent shoplifting. Greeting customers, offering assistance, and making sure that they feel welcome can reduce the likelihood of shoplifting incidents. Loss Prevention Systems has a training method that uses great customer service as a weapon against shoplifters but your good customer will love it. Additionally, having employees walk the store regularly can help to deter shoplifters.
  6. Keep the Store Tidy: A tidy store sends a message to customers and potential shoplifters that the store is well-managed and that shoplifting will not be tolerated. Keeping the store organized, tidy and free of clutter can help to reduce the opportunity for shoplifters to conceal items.

By taking these steps to prevent shoplifting, liquor store owners and managers can reduce the impact of shoplifting on their business and help to ensure the security of their inventory and customers. For more information or to ask about a Sensormatic System please contact us or go to our website at LossPreventionSystems.com

Shoplifting and Georgia Law

If a Sensormatic alarm is triggered, it is important to take appropriate action to investigate the situation and apprehend any potential shoplifters. In Georgia, the law allows business owners or their employees to detain individuals suspected of shoplifting for a reasonable amount of time and in a reasonable manner until law enforcement arrives.

Under Georgia law, shoplifting is defined as the willful taking of merchandise with the intent to deprive the owner of the merchandise without paying for it. When a Sensormatic alarm is triggered, it indicates that merchandise with a security tag or label has been taken past the sensors without being deactivated or removed, which can be a strong indicator of shoplifting.

If a Sensormatic alarm is triggered, the first step is to visually identify the potential shoplifter and observe their behavior. If the individual appears to be attempting to conceal merchandise or acting suspiciously, it may be appropriate to approach them and ask to see their receipt or investigate further. The best practice in this situation is a “customer service” approach. Inform the individual that we must have forgotten to remove a inventory control tag and ask them to step back into the store. Ask them for the shopping bag. Wave it through the Sensormatic antennas. If the system alarms then check the bag against the reciept and remove any tags on merchandise that is on the reciept. Thank the customer for their patience. To leave the situation in a positive manner you may want to mention an upcoming sale or item they may be interested in. If the person turns out to be a shoplifter then follow yopur stores procedure. However, best practice is to contact the Police and file charges.

If there is evidence of shoplifting, Georgia law allows business owners or their employees to detain the individual for a reasonable amount of time and in a reasonable manner. This means that force or physical restraint should only be used as a last resort, and the detention should not exceed what is necessary to investigate the situation or until law enforcement arrives.

When detaining a suspected shoplifter, it is important to inform them of the reason for the detention and the intention to involve law enforcement. It is also important to avoid making false accusations or accusations based on racial or ethnic profiling.

Once law enforcement arrives, they will take over the investigation and may make an arrest if there is sufficient evidence of shoplifting. The individual detained should be released if no evidence of shoplifting is found.

Georgia law allows business owners or their employees to detain suspected shoplifters for a reasonable amount of time and in a reasonable manner if a Sensormatic alarm is triggered. However, it is important to follow the law and avoid using excessive force or making false accusations. The involvement of law enforcement is necessary to ensure that the investigation is handled appropriately and any potential shoplifting is dealt with accordingly. If you would like more information on shoplifting prevention please email us at sales@LossPreventionSystems.com. You can also contact us through our web site www.LossPrventionSystems.com