EAS Solutions

There is a reason that Sensormatic is a leader in Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS). Sensormatic’s hardware is exponentially above any competition. With the help of Loss Prevention Systems, the small to medium-sized Retailer can take advantage of Sensormatic’s advanced technology that was developed for “the big guys”.

Loss Prevention Systems offers the same advanced systems created by Sensormatic R & D with all the features you need to be competitive. We have taken EAS systems beyond the crowd that offer the “light the light, ring the bell” systems. Do you want an accurate customer count? Try innovative people counting features. How about remote service via the web that can solve many service issues without the expense of an on-site service call?

And how about state-of-the-art shoplifting prevention? Sensormatic’s advanced electronics are more accurate and powerful than anyone ever dreamed of even 5 years ago.

Let Loss Prevention Systems show you a whole new world of protection, data and service that will allow you to get back to what you do best: SELL. So sell more, lose less and see your profits leap exponentially.

Stop losing money to the shoplifters and contact us today!