Pre Employment Background Checks

What you don’t know could hurt you when it comes to hiring new employees. As an employer, it only makes sense that you use all the tools at your disposal to make the best hiring decision possible. Conducting a comprehensive Pre-Employment Screening and Background Check will complement your hiring process by eliminating unsuitable applicants and giving you a clearer picture of your applicants past and abilities.

Based on the applicant’s position with your company you may choose to check or verify the following:

  • Criminal history, federal, state (where available), or county level
  • Drug Screening
  • Social Security number trace to determine previous addresses, identity, and validity
  • Employment Credit Check yields debt, payment history, and public records such as bankruptcy, liens, or judgments
  • Employment verification confirms dates of employment, position held, and eligibility for rehire
  • Education verification (the most falsified item on resumes) confirms degrees held and dates awarded
  • Motor vehicle records reveal citations, withdrawals, and suspensions
  • Professional license verification
  • Sex Offender Registry

Pre-Employment Background Checks, in addition to helping in the hiring process, are also considered an affirmative defense against negligent hiring lawsuits when an employee intentionally injures a customer or another employee.

All pre-employment background checks are conducted under the supervision of a licensed private investigator, with access to Human Resources professionals. Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. strictly abides by the regulations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Loss Prevention Systems Inc.

LPSI offers personalized service and guidance to each of our background check clients. We return results quickly and accurately at a reasonable cost.

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