If you haven’t spent a lot of time with Checkpoint security tags, you may not truly understand just how beneficial they can be to your shop. I know that until I worked in retail security for a major company, I had no idea just how invaluable they are to a successful business.
I used to think that the Checkpoint security tags just registered an alarm if a shoplifter was trying to steal an item.  I was wrong; the tags do more than just stop shoplifting. These Checkpoint security tags are anti-shoplifting.
What’s the difference? If the tags were just to stop shoplifting, they would only be able to prevent shoplifters that are in the process of attempting to steal an item.
To be anti-shoplifting, means that the tags act as a deterrent also. Most shoplifters know that if an item has a tag on it, that item is not an easy target. That means that even before a shoplifter attempts to steal an item, they will stop and look for a tag. If the tag is present they will more often than not leave without a theft attempt. Better yet, they will go to a competitor that does not use security tags. Better – unless that competitor is you.