Over 60% of shoplifters steal from the same store when they get away with it the first time. Generally the store culture made them feel comfortable. This makes sense. If we create environments where the shoplifter is relaxed enough to continue they will also tell their friends. Your store will then attract more shoplifters.
Once caught, few shoplifters will return to the same store to make another attempt. The key is to deter them. If that doesn’t work make them feel very uncomfortable once they do pick up merchandise and attempt to conceal it or catch them. Checkpoint anti shoplifting systems handle all three levels, deterrence, attempt and catching the shoplifter.
Habitual shoplifters, after being apprehended, do return to the same store when there is no Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) system in place. This is because the chance of being caught a second time is only 2%. Shoplifters want your merchandise either to keep or sell. The goal is to make them uncomfortable enough or stop them down completely. Send them down the street to another retailer that is not protecting themselves. You’re anti shoplifting efforts will be noticed among shoplifters.

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