•A well-lighted area deters shoplifters. Retailers must maintain adequate lighting. A Shoplifter tends to gravitate towards less traveled, darker more concealed areas like hidden areas and corners to conceal the merchandise they are stealing.
•Limit your customer exits and entrances. Loss prevention security begins at the door. It also requires to many employees to watch multiple exits. Large retailers know this and genneraly have only one entrance and exit. Close off or make any unused door an emergency exit with the approiate hardware.
•Keep displays and shelving low so they can be seen over by an employee. A major part of retail loss prevention is insuring that you are training and empowering your employees to be your eyes and ears in loss prevention. Make sure they can see every where possible in the course of their normal duties. Teach them how to approach any suspicious customers.
You must have a procedure for loss prevention security measures that should be followed if there is an emergency or the power goes off:

•An employee must be stationed at the front door.
•Do you have flashlights ready for this purpose? Do you test them monthly?
•Is there a procedure for ringing up sales without the POS? The power is out. Do your cashiers know how to use a calculator? Is there a battery operated calculator kept at each POS? Do cashiers know how to calculate tax? Do cashiers know what your stores tax rate is?
Retail loss prevention security forces your losses down and profits up.

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