What happens when you have components of your organization that are not reliable? For many campus libraries that have an issue with library theft, they are turning into an unreliable resource. By ignoring the need for library theft prevention, the reputation and good will of the entire learning institution can be called into question.

If library losses get bad enough, students are forced to go elsewhere to gain resource information that is critical to the success of their coursework. There are only so many times students will get burned by their campus library not having what they need.

There is also an underlying impression that their library might not be safe. If they are aware of theft issues of “monitored” library resources, can they be convinced that they will not also become victims of theft?

If you are aware of library theft, then you more than likely have fielded an increasing number of complaints from students who have had things stolen from them while inside the library.

Not only is the library slowly becoming unreliable, but also if it is deemed unsafe, the reputation of the school is damaged. The perception of an unsafe library can make the entire school deemed as unsafe, or seedy. Installing a library theft detection system can save more than library assets over the long haul.

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