Checkpoint Systems has released new EAS systems that are revolutionary! One of them, the IP Street Style system has several features that take antennas to a new level. One that puts them more out front than any system has ever been.

LED lights are one of the most visible is the clear acrylic body. These lights have custom settings that allow a retailer to make them a part of the attraction of their store front. One option allows the Retailer to leave them on in blue, when the system alarms, the color changes to red.

The IP Street Style will also connect to your high speed internet connection. In many cases this allows us to make adjustments remotely without an on site service call.

One feature you can’t see is the incredible new electronic that make this sysytem one of the most advanced. With exceptional detection and false alarm resistance, the IP Street Style system could only be better with one more feature – it’s low price.

Do you want to put a stop to shoplifting once and for all with a system that will complement your stores design and appearance? Contact us today or call us at 770-426-7593