The world of academia is about as cutthroat and competitive as what you can get. Students, especially graduate students will stop at nothing to edge out their competition. They will readily create sabotages to stay at the top of their class. They will even devise elaborate schemes to defeat library theft detection systems to forcibly remove books and reference materials so other students won’t have access to them.

Well, that might be a little bit dramatic. Most students will not go to those extremes to sabotage their fellow classmates, but they might still  (intentionally or otherwise) take campus library materials in unauthorized ways.

Using library theft prevention helps maintain an even playing field for all students. There is nothing more frustrating than being behind on a research paper or project, going to the library at the last possible minute and finding the materials needed are gone. It is one thing to have those references checked out by another student, it is completely another to have the materials missing inexplicably.

Checkpoint Systems maintains the integrity of the library’s resources. By tagging books, equipment and reference materials with Checkpoint Systems products, libraries will see the same reduction in losses that retailers will. Some retailers have seen up to an 85 percent reduction in losses solely from the implementation of Checkpoint Systems.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store to purchase Library Theft Detection System devices and your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system from Checkpoint Systems to stop inventory losses.

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