Can Shark tags be utilized by an online retailer?


In many cases, online retailers can benefit even more from the use of Alpha Shark tags than a brick and mortar retailer. Online retailers can utilize Shark tags to not only prevent Wardrobing, but also protecting returned merchandise in general. A product with one of these tags that is then shipped to a customer will prevent the customer from using the item for one occasion and then returning it for a full refund. It can also be utilized to prevent customers from switching the merchandise and switching it with an identical replica of the original item that was purchased.

The list of uses for an Alpha Shark tag is extensive and continues to grow. They can be used on expensive dresses, prom dresses, wedding dresses, suits, suit jackets, purses, handbags, and many other items. The tags can also be used for the safekeeping of many kinds of jewelry and can also be utilized for items such as shoes, backpacks, luggage, hats, and even household tools. In many cases, an Alpha Shark tag that is used in conjunction with a lanyard will allow it to be used with any merchandise that contains a closed loop.

Most retailers that use Alpha Shark tags to prevent the act of Wardrobing or other refund fraud have a policy in place that prevents returns if the tag is removed or damaged regardless of the circumstances. Another benefit of these tags is the addition of them being deterrents to shoplifters. For example, if a retailer spreads the word of issues with teenagers purchasing expensive prom dresses and then attempting to return them for a full refund, you and other retailers can then utilize the Alpha Shark Tags to lower margins from the volume of returns.

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