Retailer Barnes and Noble is no stranger to the business of books. They are not a stranger to finding a need for Checkpoint Systems in their stores. They understand that people will steal from them for a variety of reasons, and a variety of merchandise.

As more Barnes and Noble stores are getting into college campus settings, they are replacing many of the bookstores that used to be run by the college or university. As such, they bring with them the wealth of knowledge to operate with financial efficiency, and their Checkpoint Systems.

Now, Text books are extremely pricey, and are one of the biggest out of pocket expenses for many students. Some students, who cannot afford their class textbooks, have turned to the campus library as a resource. The problem is that libraries don’t typically loan out a textbook for an entire semester.

So what option do these students have? Many of them turn to theft. Since libraries are not always equipped with Checkpoint systems or another library theft detection system, they make an easy target for a student in need of a specific text. Just as the books are expensive for a student to purchase, some can be as much as six or seven hundred dollars for one, libraries cannot afford to replace these textbooks. 

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