That $25 bottle actually cost you a lot more in real money liquor bottle security could have easily prevented. You have to make up for the theft of that bottle just to break even. If your store operates on a typical 2% profit margin. That’s the margin after payroll, tax, insurance, the light bill, and any other overhead you will have to sell and additional $1,250 JUST TO BREAK EVEN ($25/.02). That’s right, the next $1250 goes for making up for the $25 bottle the shoplifter stole. The most simple solution for your shrink problem: bottle security for your business.

Currently, Alpha Security is making the most reliable bottle lock systems on the market. They are high quality and very easy to use. One twist or push of a button and your bottle security ‘s in place. This liquor bottle security has really come of age. A bottle lock can be a low profile deterrant to theft. It requires an Alpha Security unlocking key kept by the register. Bottle locks are also reusable.

If you lose $500 a week in shoplifting losses that is $26,000 per year in theft that translates to $1.3 million dollars a year in actual losses to you. No company can make money in that environment.

One of the premier liquor bottle security options Alpha Security created is called EASy Bottle for (Electronic Article Surveillance). The EASy Bottle bottle lock is a solid black bottle lock that comes in several sizes. It prevents the bottle from being opened in the store and then a bottle lock alerts everyone in the store through the Checkpoint System at the doors. There are now newer versions such as Crystal Guard and EASy Guarde. Those bottle locks have clear acrylic tops and are a much lower profile. They fit on the shelf better and have a much smaller over all footprint. The EASy Bottle bottle locks , Alpha Security ‘s most well known bottle lock are still available.

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