Training To Stop Shoplifting And Employee Theft Is The Key To Improved Profits

Let me start off this article with two questions, how often do you talk to your associates about how important it is to stop shoplifting in your store? Do you ever discuss with your managers the need to look for signs of employee theft? It may never have even occurred to you to have these conversations. If you are operating small retail stores you may not deem it necessary to mention it much because you don’t have a lot of people working for you anyways. I walk into small retail stores and may get a “hello” or a “can I help you find something?” from a clerk sitting behind a counter. I say, “Thank you I’m just looking” and wander around browsing. Often I can cruise through a store without being offered any additional assistance. I can’t help but think if I was a thief I could have gotten away with a bunch of merchandise. Maybe it is because I look like I’m honest or because I happen to be a friendly person. I ran into this not long ago when my wife and I went into an antique store. You are thinking, “That was an antique store who is going to steal from there?” Is that the point?  If I was the store owner I would want that employee walking around and being available to offer assistance.


Training to stop shoplifting and reduce employee theft is not difficult if someone knows what it is that deters thieves and also the signs that someone is stealing. The problem that frequently arises is that employers don’t really understand theft themselves. It is uncomfortable for them to try to train others on it so it is glossed over or ignored as a part of an onboarding orientation or ongoing training. That does not have to be the case. If you don’t know about a topic or have little understanding of it there is always a resource somewhere to help out. Loss Prevention Systems Inc. is a reliable resource for training that will provide managers and store owners with the knowledge they need. Not only will the people who attend the trainings gain a wealth of knowledge, they will be able to incorporate that information into future new hire training.


“But I don’t have time to fly off somewhere to attend a training seminar!” I completely understand. As a Loss Prevention Manager I used to have to travel on occasion to attend training sessions and as valuable as those trainings were, I hated to leave my store. The folks at Loss Prevention Systems Inc. understand this and have several solutions for the retail owners. They offer live webinars for you and your staff. With options available to you there is no reason you should remain in the dark not only on how theft is happening in your store but how much it is impacting your business. You can stop it but it takes an entire store of employees who understand their role in prevention of theft and what to do to stop it.


 Is shortage something that you as a small business owner need to be concerned with? According to the 2017 National Retail Security Survey, the average shrink rate for retailers is 1.44% (pg. 6). More importantly 23% of retailers reported shrink at 2% or higher (pg. 6).  The report also indicates on average 36.5% of shortage is attributed to shoplifting and 30% due to employee theft (pg.8). As you can see by the numbers you have to control shortage in your stores and the only way to effectively do that is by knowing how to stop shoplifting and employee theft.


Don’t underestimate the thieves who are pilfering your business. Get training to know how to identify criminals and how to prevent them from stealing. After you are trained pass that knowledge on to your employees during orientation and ongoing refreshers. A whole lot of knowledge means a lot less employee theft and shoplifting and that means more black ink on your profit line.


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