Consulting Solutions

Many businesses today have faced downsizing and are faced with the task of accomplishing more with less. With less staff they are more vulnerable to loss than ever. Many business owners and managers are looking to Loss Prevention Consultants for help.

At Loss Prevention Systems we serve many of our clients by becoming their outsourced “LP”, or Loss Prevention department. This allows them to accomplish more with less. Our Loss Prevention Consultants are able to develop customized programs that will prevent shoplifting, prevent loss from employee theft and improve the shopping and working environments.

Loss prevention solutions can vary from training employees, changes in store lay out, loss prevention program implementation, operational audits, installing loss prevention security systems and more. Hiring Loss Prevention Consultants will help you identify priorities and recommend solutions that fit your specific issues. And rather than taking a shot in the dark and hoping for results, hiring Loss Prevention Consultants will translate into getting results quickly.

You may be thinking you need a hands on Loss Prevention Agent to be active in your operation but you do not want to add one to your payroll. You may want a more active solution than Loss Prevention Consultants identifying opportunities for improvements in your operation and this is where a Loss Prevention Agent will come into play. A Loss Prevention Agent will be the hands and feet in the plan. The Loss Prevention Agent will perform regular but random loss prevention audits observing the gap between expectations and what is happening. They will train employees both in groups and one on one to help them fully understand the value and purpose of each loss prevention activity they are responsible for.

Start out with what fits into your business’ budget and allow Loss Prevention Systems to build a scalable plan for you to cut your losses in half or more.