Low Cost Bottle Protection


Is there a cost effective way to protect liquor, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages?


Alpha High Theft Solutions has just the right product for low cost liquor, wine, and spirit protection that goes beyond bottle cap protection. In some cases, Loss Prevention Systems have customers that utilize Crystal Guard and EASy Guard but may not need that particular product for every item they wish to protect. This is where the Steel Grip comes in. This product is designed to fit around the neck of a bottle and lock securely in place. Although Steel Grip does not provide product denial, the built in AM or RF tag is still effective in the protection of the merchandise in the store. The Steel Grip is designed to work in tandem with your Electronic Article Surveillance (E.A.S) system to ensure that the alarm sounds if an item is removed from the premises.

Loss Prevention Systems has found that the products offered by competitors typically use cheap materials that allow them to be tampered with easily. Steel Grip incorporates a strong metal strap encased in plastic for maximum protection in a small streamline profile. It also has no effect on your shelving heights since it is used around the neck of the bottle. Steel Grip comes with the word “alarm” printed on it, which helps provide a visual deterrent to shoplifters. It can also be removed easily by utilizing an Alpha S3 key with just one hand.

Amusingly, there are other uses for the Steel Grip. Laundry care products such as Febreze, Tide, and other similar products can also be protected. Auto Care products and other products that are sold in bottles that have a longer necked bottle can also be protected. Chances are that if a shoplifter attempts to remove the Steel Grip from this product, it will most likely shatter or damage the bottle before it can be removed. Steel Grip is a low cost product that will make an excellent addition to your bottle protection needs.

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Protection for Pharmaceutical Bottles and Containers


How can pharmaceutical bottles be protected?


The theft of both controlled and over-the-counter pharmaceuticals and supplements has risen substantially over the years. The theft of expensive vitamins and minerals can be as costly as controlled pharmaceutical drugs. Because over the counter medicines and supplements are sold in easily accessible shelves, it in some cases gives shoplifters easy access to these small bottled products. Another issue is that thieves can simply empty the contents of the bottled drugs without removing the bottle from the store.

To counter this problem, Alpha High Theft Solutions has developed a product to address the issue. The Rx Cap was designed to provide unparalleled security for pharmaceuticals. The device fits tightly over the lid or top of the bottle. The durability and quality of this product alone will help prevent the loss of expensive pharmaceuticals that otherwise would be easily accessible to shoplifters.

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Bottle Security for Tight Shelf Restrictions


Is there any product that can protect bottles for liquor, wine, or other spirits that are sold on shelves that have a very tight shelf clearance?


Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. constantly receives feedback from retailers that have such tight shelf restrictions that they cannot utilize bottle cap devices such as EASy Guard and other similar products. Alpha High Theft Solutions has come up with an incredible resolution to this problem-the Crystal Guard bottle cap device. This product contains a clear acrylic cap that has a very small footprint on the top. Crystal Guard protects your liquor and wine merchandise the exact same way that other bottle cap devices do, yet also have additional features. One of these accompanying features includes a transparent cap, which enables the customer and merchant to see the tax stamp and product labels.

Crystal Guard products are available in four sizes; small, large, extra-large, and tall. All four of these sizes accommodate the vast majority of liquor, wine, spirits, and other similar merchandise bottles available in the market. The device is also easily applicable to your merchandise with just a simple twist of the hand. It can also be easily removed by a merchant by using an Alpha S3 key. The product is also available in RF and AM configurations. Crystal Guard is an elegant and visually appealing solution for your bottle security.

One of the biggest benefits of any Alpha Bottle Security products is product denial. This benefit prevents shoplifters and thieves from being able to open the bottle in the store. If the shoplifters do remove the bottle from the store, chances are the bottle will shatter prior to them removing the cap.
Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. has participated in beta sales with Alpha High Theft Solutions to help evaluate their bottle solutions. Our researchers found from independent testing that Alpha’s bottle security products resisted attacks from shoplifters exceptionally well. Alpha’s Crystal Guard design also utilizes pain-points underneath the bottom of the cap to prevent thieves from attempting to pry the device off. This feature discourages theft while causing discomfort to the shoplifter without severely injuring or cutting the assailant.

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Best Protection for Oddly-Shaped Bottles


How do I protect high-cost tequilas, vodkas, or other liquors with large or oddly-shaped caps?


For many years, there was a glaring hole in the bottle security market. Alpha High Theft solutions came up with a resolution to this problem. It was at that time that Magna Guard was developed. This device is the only bottle cap security product in the market that is designed to accommodate extra-large bottle caps, necks, and caps with unusually shaped designs. This allows the liquor store merchant to protect products such as Patrón®, 1800®, Svedka® Vodkas, and other similar products with similar bottles.

Magna Guard is a clear acrylic cap with minimal shelf clearance that slips easily over the bottle and locks in place. An ergonomic button on the cap enables an adjustable yet tight and secure fit for the various bottle sizes in the market. The clear acrylic top allows the merchant and the customer to see the labels and tax stamps on the bottle itself. Internal hinges make it extremely difficult to pry open the device. The Magna Guard has a clamshell design that makes it easy to apply and remove when using a patented Alpha S3 key.

Magna Guard comes in one size and utilizes both RF and AM technology. This product is not only extremely durable, but it also is elegant. Because of this, the Magna Guard is the best option for your unique bottle security needs.

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Best Product for Bottle Protection


What is the overall best product for bottle protection?


Alpha High Theft Solutions invented bottle security. They have also managed to perfect the product line over trial and error processes and countless field testing. The flagship of Alpha’s bottle protection line is known as EASy Guard. These products have a storied history starting with the original EASy Bottle products followed by several generations of other products which then resulted in the current EASy Guard product line. Ergonomics, functionality, and ease of use are just some of the benefits of the EASy Guard. Other benefits include high-quality materials, including the plastics and acrylics used in the bottle protection products which make a seemingly impregnable force-field around your liquor, spirits, and wine merchandise.

EASy Guard is applied by simply putting the product on the top of the bottle and then pushing down on one of the buttons that is ergonomically located on the cap. The bottle is then protected physically and visually. The visual deterrent found in this product warns possible shoplifters that the bottle should not be tampered with. The overwhelming benefit of the EASy Guard bottle cap device is that it provides product denial to the would-be thieves more than any other product in the market. Even if the bottle is stolen from the store, tampering with the EASy Guard will usually result in the shattering of the bottle rendering the product useless to the thief. Loss Prevention Systems has confirmed these benefits with independent field tests.

EASy Guard products come in both small and large sizes with both RF and AM formats. In addition, this product will fit on up to 90% of all the bottles used in the market today. If you would like a sample of EASy Guard products, please be sure to contact us with your specific needs.

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