What is the overall best product for bottle protection?


Alpha High Theft Solutions invented bottle security. They have also managed to perfect the product line over trial and error processes and countless field testing. The flagship of Alpha’s bottle protection line is known as EASy Guard. These products have a storied history starting with the original EASy Bottle products followed by several generations of other products which then resulted in the current EASy Guard product line. Ergonomics, functionality, and ease of use are just some of the benefits of the EASy Guard. Other benefits include high-quality materials, including the plastics and acrylics used in the bottle protection products which make a seemingly impregnable force-field around your liquor, spirits, and wine merchandise.

EASy Guard is applied by simply putting the product on the top of the bottle and then pushing down on one of the buttons that is ergonomically located on the cap. The bottle is then protected physically and visually. The visual deterrent found in this product warns possible shoplifters that the bottle should not be tampered with. The overwhelming benefit of the EASy Guard bottle cap device is that it provides product denial to the would-be thieves more than any other product in the market. Even if the bottle is stolen from the store, tampering with the EASy Guard will usually result in the shattering of the bottle rendering the product useless to the thief. Loss Prevention Systems has confirmed these benefits with independent field tests.

EASy Guard products come in both small and large sizes with both RF and AM formats. In addition, this product will fit on up to 90% of all the bottles used in the market today. If you would like a sample of EASy Guard products, please be sure to contact us with your specific needs.

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