Stop Playing Games With Shoplifters; Gaming Keepers Prevent Video Game Theft

I am a video gamer. I’m not very good at them, as my sons like to remind me, but I am a gamer nonetheless. I still have a PS2 at home as well as The Xbox consoles. I don’t have the opportunity to play them as frequently as I would like but I still find time to indulge in them every so often. Occasionally I like to go to the local videogame store and purchase a used game (being a cheapskate I don’t often buy a new one for myself). A while back I went to a particular store and wanted to purchase a game. This store has empty boxes on the shelf, requiring you to select the product you are interested in and take the empty box to the register. The actual game disc is stored in file drawers behind the counter in paper cd sleeves. I found the box for the game I wanted and dutifully walked it up to the register. The clerk hunted for the disc and could not locate it so he had to get a co-worker to help. Together they searched and still could not find the disc I wanted. I wasn’t too happy but I found a different game and ended up purchasing it. I was slightly irritated at the experience but did not say so since the employees did the best they could under the circumstances.  Each time I go into this store now I get aggravated seeing empty video game cases on the shelves. I wonder to myself how many other discs they lose due to carelessness, a poor filing system or some other factor. It would be much easier for this business to use gaming keepers to prevent shoplifting rather than removing discs from all the cases they come in.


Gaming keepers are clear, hard, plastic cases with a hinged, locking door designed to prevent shoplifting. Many retailers keep popular and high theft merchandise in lock-up cases. While lock-up cases do prevent theft, they make it impossible for a customer to browse and look at package content without a sales person hovering over them while they look. Alpha Keepers, including those for video game software, provide the protection of a display case and affords customers the ability to read content information. While using empty display boxes also prevents shoplifting they can create a different set of issues for customers, like the one I experienced. Using gaming keepers prevents such a situation since the game disc remains in the package and the package is locked securely in the keeper. Games are only removed from the keepers when they are brought to the point of sale and a special detachment key is used to open keeper.  


What prevents someone from simply walking out the door with merchandise in a Gaming Keeper? All Alpha Keepers are designed with electronic article surveillance (EAS) technology built into them. Stores that use Alpha Keepers also have EAS antennas installed at the entrances and exits. The antennas pick up radio frequency signals emitted by Keepers and other EAS tagged merchandise when they are carried too close to the doorway. This causes the antenna alarm to sound and warn store employees of a security breach. Staff respond to the alarm and prevent shoplifting by determining the cause of the alarm and recovering the merchandise from the perpetrator.


As a store owner or manager it is important that you consider the benefits of using Gaming Keepers and other Alpha Keepers to protect your merchandise. You won’t need to pay for extra staff so you have people available to “show” merchandise. You also won’t have to come up with alternative merchandise displays that may create unnecessary headaches of trying to locate items. You can have all of these advantages AND prevent shoplifting at the same time.


Gaming Keepers are important and we can help you with it. Call 1.770.426.0547 and let’s talk.   


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