In the retail pharmacy business, we sell more than just prescriptions. Our front store’s purpose is to sell high margin items that people may need to go with their medications. We also offer other miscellaneous items that our target shopping audience is looking for such as cosmetics and facial care items. Unfortunately, these items are also usually our top shrink categories. We don’t have to stop shoplifting back in that pharmacy since customers can’t go back there, but catching thieves out on our small sales floor can be a real challenge. That’s one reason we have a Checkpoint security system in place. If it’s mere presence does not deter the shoplifter, it can help catch them. 


Our main group of shoppers are women ages 18 to 40. Studies have shown that demographic to be the most prevalent group of thieves, especially in embezzlement cases. So, it’s really no surprise when I find empty packages of wrinkle creams and foundations hidden around the store.  Recently though, I have noticed an alarming trend in my cosmetics department. Entire sections are being wiped out. Makeup is expensive; I get that. But this isn’t just one person stealing for themselves for personal use. I believe this person is selling what she is stealing, either online or possibly at the flea market. About two weeks ago was the second time in two months that I have been over in that section scanning all the empty spots and my system is telling me the stuff should be there. There are trays almost completely empty, void of all shades of red lipsticks. Before I went on vacation last week, I decided it was time to put some anti-shoplifting measures into place. When these items came back in on our delivery truck, I applied Checkpoint labels around each tube before putting them out for sale. I didn’t just stop at the red shades though; I didn’t want this person to change her mind and go for the nudes or browns instead!  So I took the time and adhered Checkpoint labels to every tube of lipstick.  If the thief comes back I want my Checkpoint security system to go berserk when she tries to leave! (I made sure they didn’t cover the UPC or ingredients.) When I came back from my time off, I immediately checked over there, and all my cosmetics were accounted for. 


I took a little bit of time and checked the video surveillance system to see if I could find the culprit, but that turned out to be too time consuming.  Since I had no idea who has been stealing the makeup, my best option to stop shoplifting is to just make the products less appealing for the criminal. I hope she notices the Checkpoint labels and decides it’s too risky to steal from our store anymore. If she doesn’t notice them, that’s okay too. When she gets too close to the door, the Checkpoint security system will recognize the tags have not been deactivated, and the alarm will sound as soon as she gets too close. Then my staff can apprehend her and recover our merchandise. Either way, we win this. I have to admit that I do love the thrill of catching a thief, but if I can stop shoplifting, that’s even better.  I would much rather prevent the loss through deterrence efforts instead. 


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