Display Merchandise Protection


How can display merchandise be kept from being moved, tampered with, or taken from the store?


Up until now, the only way that merchandise could be displayed and still have it be accessible to the customer was to use a system that used wires or cables that directly kept the products tied down. In many cases, this caused a lot of tangled wires and also presented a confusing display to the customer. Usually only one or two display items need to be secured in a specific area of the store. These items also need to be accessible by the staff to be able to move the products easily and quickly.

Because more and more of these needs became evident by vendors, Alpha developed an adjustable 2 Alarm cable lock with a built in sensor to aid retailers with this specific issue. Alpha took this adjustable cable lock a step further by placing a sensor tip on the end of the cable with a micro-tamper switch with an adhesive pad. This allows the display merchandise to be protected by the cable lock and also have the sensor tip anchor to the display fixture which then allows the customer to examine the product and get a feel for it without actually removing it from the store. If by any chance the customer attempts to remove the item or cut the cable lock, the sensor will set off the 95 decibel alarm.

Typically this Alpha Adjustable Cable Lock is available in 2 Alarm configurations. Another unique use for these cable locks is to utilize them by not directly anchoring it to the display platform. For example, a cordless drill with a battery can be protected by wrapping the cable lock around the handle of the drill while the sensor pad is attached to the battery. If the battery is tampered with, the sensor will alarm. These cable locks are also quite versatile in size and are available in 18 inch and 48 inch configurations. The adhesive pads and sensor tips are both replaceable and are available separately for purchase.

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Security for Small High-End Merchandise


Is there a smaller version of the Alpha hard tag?


Alpha High Theft Solutions has developed a mini hard tag that has all the same features as the standard Alpha 2 or 3 alarm hard tag models. The main difference with the Alpha mini hard tag is that it is only available in the 3 alarm system configuration. The design is both sleek and is made to fit on high-end jeans, jackets, pants, suits, and other delicate items.

The Alpha Mini 3 alarm hard tag features a flashing LED light that serves as a deterrent to a shoplifter and that the device is armed. In the occasion that the device is tampered with, the 95 decibel alarm will sound and alert the staff in the store of a possible issue.

The dimensions of the mini hard tag enable it to be used in various items. The Alpha mini hard tag is approximately 2 ½ inches long, a little bit over an inch in width, and just a little bit over an inch in depth. The device also requires a Super XT Clutch key to be removed by store staff. The internal battery in the unit is a long lasting lithium battery.

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Security for High-End Clothing


Shoplifters are tampering with hard tags that are placed on higher-end clothing such as suits, jackets, and other items. What can I do to stop this?


A determined shoplifter will typically be inclined to try to remove your hard tags from your expensive merchandise while in the store. Usually this results in damage to the product. To avoid damage to this merchandise, simply apply an Alpha 2 or 3 hard tag to your inventory. This product is the same as a standard 1 alarm hard tag with the exception that it also has an anti-tampering system that is internally embedded in the product and contains a 95 decibel sounder.

An Alpha 2 or 3 hard tag is larger than a standard hard tag because of the added security that it contains. The sheer size of the Alpha hard tag serves as a visual deterrent to the would-be shoplifter as an added benefit as well. If a shoplifter attempts to pry the Alpha hard tag off a high-end item in the store, the sounder then alarms and attracts attention to the shoplifter. The 2 & 3 alarm functions give you a variety of protection and are also available in AM or RF formats to better suite your needs.

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