Shoplifters are tampering with hard tags that are placed on higher-end clothing such as suits, jackets, and other items. What can I do to stop this?


A determined shoplifter will typically be inclined to try to remove your hard tags from your expensive merchandise while in the store. Usually this results in damage to the product. To avoid damage to this merchandise, simply apply an Alpha 2 or 3 hard tag to your inventory. This product is the same as a standard 1 alarm hard tag with the exception that it also has an anti-tampering system that is internally embedded in the product and contains a 95 decibel sounder.

An Alpha 2 or 3 hard tag is larger than a standard hard tag because of the added security that it contains. The sheer size of the Alpha hard tag serves as a visual deterrent to the would-be shoplifter as an added benefit as well. If a shoplifter attempts to pry the Alpha hard tag off a high-end item in the store, the sounder then alarms and attracts attention to the shoplifter. The 2 & 3 alarm functions give you a variety of protection and are also available in AM or RF formats to better suite your needs.

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