Why do you need Loss Prevention Systems as your Background Check Experts?

We recently conducted an investigation for one of our clients into a suspected embezzlement/theft by one of their employees. During this investigation, we found that the person of interest had been arrested and charged with seven counts of Credit Card Fraud, fined and served probation. The employee had been hired as a temp-to-perm through a staffing agency that conducts employee background checks using a commercial database provider which is very unreliable. This commercial database provider returned “No Record Found”, missing the Credit Card Fraud, but in addition two other separate instances of cashing bad checks. The employee confessed to stealing over $10,000 of the company’s money by manipulating the accounting system. You should always conduct a new employee background checks when an employee comes on board. Do not depend on a staffing company to do a thorough job. We specialize in employee theft investigations. However, why not let us prevent this type of loss through: Employment background checks We ARE the Background Check Experts! Loss Prevention Training Our Operational audit program Contact us today or call 1.770.426.0547

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