Crowd WalkingHow many visitors enter your store every day? How does that correlate to your sales and staffing? These questions have always been on a Retailers knowledge wish list. Visitor Counting by Loss Prevention Systems and Checkpoint Systems can now help you to answer those questions.

Up to now most solutions involved manually counting visitors or putting a simple counter device at the entry that counted the number of times the door opens or the number of people that passed by it. The problems with those manual methods are many including human error and lack of data in a usable format.

This changes all of that. The VisiPlus system which can function with your Checkpoint ip enabled system or as a standalone automatically counts the visitors that enter and leave your store. That data is compiled by hour of the day. Then each night it is automatically sent to Checkpoints servers where it is compiled into one of two different reports of your choosing. One report is finished report that comes to you weekly in an Excel/PDF format. The other is a CSV flat file that comes to you every night so you can bring the data into your own accounting/IT systems to add sales and other information.

In addition to visitor traffic your reports include information on the number of EAS alarms. With all of this information you can then make better use of your resources such as payroll dollars. When should you have more staff on the floor? How much of their time during the day should be focused on customers and what of that staff could be used for other duties?

All of this is available to any of our customers. Do you have a single store operation or multiple locations?  Loss Prevention Systems and Checkpoint can handle them all. Contact us today at 1-770-426-0547 or at [email protected] for more information.