Anytime I want something not in the budget, I have to convince my bosses that by spending that money, I can get the company a return on that investment. For example, last year I really wanted to install license plate readers in my store’s parking lots to aid in investigations. I had to put in some effort, since I don’t have some magic loss prevention calculator.


 It definitely was a hard sell, as the cameras and software ran about $1,000 per location. I have 30 stores under my responsibility, so to convince the company to spend $30k was very hard, especially in the current retail climate. So how’d I do it? Well, I started small. I got the approval to test the idea in one store. So I chose the highest shrink store that I had. Once the system was installed, it didn’t take long for an instigation to hit my desk. I had some guys run out of the rear fire exit with several high end coolers, totaling well over $4,000. Guess what they hit on the way out? I was able to sell that save as a benefit to the plate reader system and ultimately secured my funding to deploy to all store locations. So what if there was some magic loss prevention ROI calculator? What would you use it for?


Chances are, if you’re reading this, you don’t have 30 stores, or multi-million dollar budgets. If I had to guess, your margins are razor thin and you’re looking for any and all ways to combat shoplifters that are eroding your profit. You’ve also probably been kicking around the idea of installing an anti-theft system, but maybe you’ve been concerned over the investment, and if you’ll ever seen your money come back. Well, the good folks over at Loss Prevention Systems developed their very own loss prevention calculator to help you see just how easy it is to see that return on your investment.


When you have time (like, right now) head over to The loss prevention calculator is so easy to use, almost anyone can do it, even store managers. Just plug in your sales information and the equipment cost. You can be set up with a new system for about $2,300. I added a few extra dollars to be conservative and to include hard tags/soft tags. Click the button and you’re all set. The loss prevention ROI calculator does all the work for you!


I think the best feature is the PDF print out it generates. You can physically see what your shrink expenses are, how much an EAS system will cost, and most importantly, how long would it take for you to see a return on your initial investment. Using the basic set up here, it would take less than a year for you to recoup your investment. Not only that, you’re setting yourself for continued savings each month through a reduction in overall shrink caused by internal and external theft. So what are you waiting for? Go see for yourself how easy the loss prevention ROI calculator is and how much money you can add back to your bottom line!


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