I remember the days I worked for a big box retailer as a Loss Prevention Manager and the first LCD televisions came on the market. We put out our new displays and kept the sellable merchandise in the stockroom. That was fine with me there were fewer chances for an employee to sneak one out than for a shoplifter to roll one out if they had access to it on the salesfloor. Then the day came that all Loss Prevention Managers dread, someone up in “headquarters” sends down plans for an endcap of LCD televisions! I am sure I was wondering who it was that had lost their mind.  We did put them out as required and I don’t recall whether that first display led to any theft attempts, I am sure it contributed to sales. Later, as more brands were carried and prices started to come down a little, more televisions were on open displays and we did start to experience roll-out attempts (and some known thefts). We did apply electronic article surveillance tags to deter shoplifting but we did not have any other retail anti-theft devices we could use, that is, until Alpha Spider Wrap became available to use through our company.


Alpha Security has quite a number of tools in their arsenal of retail anti-theft devices and Alpha Spider Wrap is one that I really like. It provides versatility to retailers in efforts to stop theft and improve stock shortage results. Spider wrap comes in 2 alarm and 3 alarm versions. The 2 alarm models have tamper alarms that sound if someone attempts to cut the aircraft grade cables and they cause electronic article surveillance alarms to activate if they are carried too close to the antennas at the exits. 3 alarm models have the same features with the additional benefit that if someone continues past the EAS antennas, the wrap has a built in alarm that is activated and sounds even as a thief tries to move away from the building. Alpha Security has improved the product since I first started using it when we only had 2 sizes to choose from, small and large. Today they range from lengths of only 32 inches all the way to 132 inches. It also used to be a little unwieldy to get an Alpha Spider Wrap loosened to apply to a new piece of merchandise, wires twisted and tangled and releasing the cable could be a bit difficult. Wraps today have no-tangle cables and push button releases. I use these in the store I currently work for and find it faster and easier to protect products than my first experiences with them.


With today’s versions of Alpha Spider Wrap I see big box retail stores protecting full pallet displays of televisions ranging from $130 to $600. Even the biggest televisions are on the floor as enterprising Loss Prevention staff have figured out that two Spider Wrap retail anti-theft devices can be connected together to provide protection.  Customers can load their own merchandise, continue to shop and check out when they are ready to do so.


You may be thinking that this is great for the big box stores that have lots of employees to give customer service, but how does this help a smaller business owner? Consider this, a big box retailer actually has enough staff that they should be able to go to a stockroom and pull a television for a customer and not hinder their ability to provide service to their customers. Despite this advantage, they have found it improves sales to give customers direct access to the merchandise. The big box store is still protecting the merchandise even though it is not locked up. If you use Alpha Spider Wraps you protect your merchandise the same way and your limited staff does not have to leave the salesfloor to retrieve merchandise. The employees of your store can focus on customers who need information or other assistance thereby driving sales through great customer service.


 The world of retail for brick and mortar stores is getting more challenging with many shoppers going to online retailers for their purchases. While it is important to stop theft and protect profit margin, it is also important to recognize that today’s shopper expects fast service and does not like to wait. Alpha retail anti-theft devices provide product protection you want and give customers the quick access to products they desire. Let Alpha Security products keep your business competitive and profitable now and in the future.


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