Are you having problems with shoplifters pilfering your high end liquors and wines? Have you recently started noticing open bottles on your sales floor? If you answered yes to either of the questions liquor bottle security may be your only answer.

Liquor bottle security is a new merchandising friendly way of stopping liquor thieves in their tracks. The new EASy Bottle system by Alpha Security is a great way to keep your products shopable for your paying customers and safe from would be thieves. These new bottle locks tightly fasten to the top of a bottle to keep it from being open with out a key that is kept at your cash register. A bottle lock is nearly impossible to get off without the key and a thief will not want to spend the time, or risk getting noticed, trying to break if off.

EASy bottle bottle security from Alpha Security are an inexpensive solution to your bottle security problems. Bottle locks can help prevent the thefts of people that think they can just walk in to your business and have a free drink. You can also deter the thieves that are looking to flat out steal and entire bottle of your liquor and wines, because it will be a struggle to get the bottle open, if at all.

When a shoplifter sees that you are utilizing bottle security they will certainly think twice about attempting to steal from you.
Investing in bottle locks for your high end wine and liquors makes the products available to those who really matter – your honest customers.

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