Tactics in Clothing Security Tags

If you are using regular clothing security tags but you are still are experiencing losses you need to evaluate the problem and take further action. Follow the process below:

1 Are your losses on all different types of merchandise you sell or just specific ones? In other words certain lines such as Polo or leather jackets are being targeted. You have to know this first. Keep a clipboard handy for your associates to note when they find evidence of the loss of tagged product.

5 Consideration should be given to the location of your clothing security tags. Do you put them on a seam or other location that is strong enough to make tag removal difficult? Are your associates applying tags to every one of the items that you have decided must be tagged? Many times tagging does not happen and the product gets put out anyway.

6 If it is specific line of items that have problems you may need to add a special tag to your arsenal of tags. Tags that go several more levels higher in security. You would not use these for everything, just problem areas. This new tag will still cause an alarm on the Checkpoint system as usual. However, the tag itself has its own sounder built in that is VERY loud. As the tag goes through the Checkpoint antennas its built in sounder goes off. There is little doubt at that point where the tag is.

Better yet while still in the store a shoplifter that attempts to damage or remove the tag will cause the tag sounder to go off.

7 Do your associates simply wave a customer through when the Checkpoint Anti-shoplifting system alarms? Every time you do this you train your customers, shoplifters and anyone else that observes this that you can shoplift and not be stopped.

If you put a properly train your associates and put a priority on clothing security tags you WILL reduce your shoplifting losses.