Survive An Armed Robbery, Loss Prevention Security – Atlanta

Why would an armed robber choose your retail location? Because you have money or the perception that money is available. Loss prevention security where there is a possibility of a robbery must be treated in a serious manner. Your security and loss prevention program should always include training for a robbery. In most cases robberies only take one to two minutes from start to finish. WHEN A ROBBERY OCCURS IN YOUR STORE OR AT THE NIGHT DEPOSIT, CONCENTRATE ON THE FOLLOWING: * The safety of customers, employees and you is always top priority. * Be cooperative. * Be observant. DO’S AND DON’TS DURING THE ROBBERY * Heroics are uncalled for – Do not resist. * The sooner it’s over, the better – Do keep it short. * Do give up the money when the robber demands it. * Do not argue. * Do not try to grab the weapon or call out for help. * Do not over react * Do make every effort to remain calm. Set the example for other employees. * Do pay attention. Listen to the robber and do exactly what you are asked. * Do not make sudden movements. Try to warn the robber of any surprises or unexpected noises. * Do expect strong/foul language. * Do expect to be told to lay on the floor or ground. * Be alert. Try to remember details of the robber’s appearance, clothing and/or speech. * Do keep any holdup note, but do not allow people to handle it. * If you can, watch the robber’s direction and method of escape. * Do not go with the robber! TAKE THE FOLLOWING STEPS AFTER THE ROBBERY: * Immediately lock the front door or gate. Robbers have been known to return to the store. * Call the police immediately! * Close off the area where the robbery took place. * Write down everything you can recall about the robbery. Provide this information to the police upon their arrival. * Do not give the police an exact count of the money stolen. Tell them you will make an exact count and get back to them. You do not want this amount to show up in a police report, then the newspaper. * Give the police any holdup note. * Notify your supervisor or corporate office immediately. * Fill out a company security and loss prevention report. Forward a copy to your supervisor. * Refer any media questions to your corporate office or loss prevention security department. For more information about robbery or loss prevention security contact us at security and loss prevention or call 1.770.426.0547 – Atlanta The Fine Print – DISCLAIMER OF LIABILITY The information provided is for informational purposes only. It is important that you follow your company’s policies and procedures. The techniques presented although conservative should still be compared with individual state and local laws before proceeding. You should consult your own legal counsel before adopting or using any of the recommendations made. Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. expressly disclaims any liability whatsoever, which may arise as a result of adhering to or failing to implement procedures discussed in this material.

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