It’s already October! Can you believe just how quickly this year is going by? Just yesterday it seemed like we were enjoying the spring time. You and I both know that in a blink of an eye that wonderful, magical, pain in the rear time of year will be here. The holiday shopping season, of course is what I’m referring to. It all starts on Black Friday, which falls on November 27 this year. For those of us keeping track. Let’s talk about your strategy to prevent shoplifting this year, shall we?

 I hate this time of year. I find myself battling with our buyers on a daily basis. While they are busy seeking out this year’s hottest trends, I’m left trying to protect those from shoplifters. Where they see sales, all I see is shrink. With all these new electronics coming into the stores, I at least I know I can rely on Alpha Spider Wraps to get me through.

 Last year, I think I must’ve found just about every use for a Alpha Spider Wrap there could possibly be. I used them on television sets, gaming consoles, headphones, and just about whatever else I thought would be a thief magnet. I think one of the most popular items last year was a home CCTV system. Lots of people are getting proactive to home burglaries and installing cameras around their homes. Our stores had a large display set up with the boxes stacked high. Each one of course was secured with a Alpha Spider Wrap, my not so subtle approach to prevent shoplifting.

 I think I may have said this once, or twice before. Sometimes, no matter the solution used, some thieves will still steal. You can never fully prevent shoplifting. So, here it is, 2 weeks before the big day. I’m on the cameras and a known thief walks in the door. We immediately begin surveillance and he heads directly to the camera display. He picks up 4 units, using the Spider Wraps as handles, and makes a bee-line towards the door. He looked like those people who will only make one trip from the car to the house with their groceries…There was something very ironic and darkly humorous about a guy stealing cameras that are meant to deter criminal activity. Once out the door, he was quickly apprehended by law enforcement.

 I think about that incident and that particular shoplifter and I realized that was the only time someone tried to steal those cameras. As a store and as a company, we sold out of that product. It was so successful that we began to carry it and a number of home CCTV systems year-round. I think we have gotten a significant return on investment with Alpha Spider Wraps and I can almost bet that you will too.

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