When it comes to return on investment electronic article surveillance can appear to be a difficult decision when a small retail store has a limited budget to work with in the first place.It would seem at first glance that a complete system would be expensive. There are pedestals to install and then the decision of what items will be tagged.The initial cost for purchasing hundreds if not thousands of hard tags can be perceived as prohibitive for many small businesses.Having many years of Loss Prevention experience I can tell you that there is an affordable method of protecting your merchandise without breaking the bank. Sensormatic labels provide retailers with the ability to protect nearly all of the merchandise in their inventories without breaking the bank.

Sensormatic Labels

The benefit of using electronic article surveillance labels is not limited to cost alone. They also can be applied to a wide range of package types. They may be attached to cardboard boxes, plastic blister packages, and can even be placed directly onto merchandise in many cases. Think of display merchandise you may have on a shelf that isn’t in a protected box. A label can be stuck on a display can opener, printer or even a tool on display in a hardware department. The visibility of Sensormatic labels on merchandise can deter the most ardent of thieves. Bad guys recognize the labels and while they may make a brief attempt to peel them off they generally won’t spend a lot of time doing so, their goal is to conceal and get out. When Sensormatic products hamper their efforts they try to find something not tagged or they leave and take their “business” elsewhere. The deterrence value of labels alone is sufficient reason for retailers of any size to use them.

Nonetheless, price can be a concern for a business owner of a small shop when it comes to a decision on buying an electronic article surveillance system. Regardless of what it may promise in future returns and savings there is trepidation for many people when it comes to spending money. Bill Bregar’s team at Loss Prevention Systems, Inc. (LPSI) has been in the retail theft reduction consultation business for many years and has determined that anti-shoplifting systems can be so effective that they can actually pay for themselves. Sensormatic labels deter shoplifters from trying to steal but a properly trained staff also knows how to respond to pedestal alarm activations and can recover merchandise without incident. How much merchandise do you lose to overlooked items on the bottom of a shopping cart or under the child seat of a buggy? Tagged merchandise will set off alarm pedestals regardless of whether there was or was not intent to leave without paying for the merchandise. ALL recovered merchandise is savings to your bottom line.

Another benefit to the purchase of the Sensormatic system is that if you start out with the labels you can add hard tags to your protection strategy later. It is simply a matter of ordering the new tags and detachment tools and then attaching the tags to the merchandise you want to have additional protection on. The system will recognize either style of tag so there is no need to have adjustments or service calls made in order to accommodate the change. Store owners will find that training of cashiers is minimal and only involves showing how to remove tags and where to store them for reuse.

Worrying about expenses is not a lot of fun but worrying about what shoplifters are stealing from your store is worse. With Sensormatic labels you can reduce your worries about cost knowing the system will pay for itself. You can eliminate your worries over theft knowing that shoplifters are going to start looking for other places to do their dirty work. Save yourself from unnecessary worry by purchasing a Sensormatic system.

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