I wasn't sure if it was stress, me getting older or perhaps something more serious going on, but for the last few months, I've been suffering from migraines on a recurrent basis. The straw that broke the camel's back came when I had to leave work in the middle of a large investigation because I just couldn't see straight. I had to see my doctor. I go in and he says that migraines can have several triggers. He can't find anything and recommend me to my eye doctor, gives me a script and tells me to come back in a week. Done. It seems like whether it's my dentist, doctor, or now eye doc, I always seem to bring up Alpha Thunder Tags to someone in the office.

I go ahead and make an appointment to rule out eye problems. I get to the office, check in and wait. As I'm waiting, I see the office staff all using tablets. There's not a desktop PC in the house. My name is called. I walk with the nurse who's using a tablet. She runs a few basic tests, records the info on the tablet. Doc comes in the room; you guessed it, uses a tablet. So while we're discussing which is better or worse, I ask the doc if he's ever considered that someone could steal his tablets. Since he doesn't work in the LP industry, he of course doesn't. Alas, another opportunity for me to talk about Alpha Thunder Tags.

Once I tell him what I actually do for a living, we talk for a bit about tablet theft. He's surprised to hear my point of view. He tells me that he even hired a tech firm to install the latest technology to keep his patient files confidential and impervious to outside hackers, but never really consider falling victim to a tablet theft. All that money spent to keep the data safe could easily be circumvented if a thief made off when a physical tablet.

Not only do you have to worry about a patient or a thief walking in stealing the tablet, but you also have to think about a dishonest employee. While no one wants to think they're employees would steal from them; unfortunately it happens. Often. The absolute best way to prevent tablet theft in your office is to utilize a physical security measure such as the Alpha Thunder Tag. It's a rather small investment that will provide an immediate return on investment in not only real dollars, but in protecting your practice and your patient.

Oh, by the way, it turns out, nothing was wrong with my eyes. I went back and saw my primary doc like he asked and after a few more tests, I found that my nasal cavities remain in a congested and filled state. One over-the- counter allergy drug later, and I no longer have migraines, I sleep better and my girlfriend says I don't snore anymore.

Imagine that.

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