A free Loss Prevention Calculator helps store owners see what the return on an investment in a Retail Loss Prevention System would be without spending anything to look into it. Shoplifting costs stores money through stolen merchandise and the loss of business when a customer can’t locate the goods they came into the store to purchase. It also takes an additional toll when a shoplifter picks up an item and then returns it for cash or a gift card. Nothing like paying for your own stuff is there? Is there a risk in spending money on a Sensormatic System? Is it a good idea for a business owner to take a risk in investing in something without assurance it will pay off? I know of one example of a calculated risk taken that has paid off.  

About three years ago, my Alma Mater, Coastal Carolina University, made what appeared to be an unusual investment for a school, they sponsored a NASCAR driver in the truck racing series. There was no equivalent to the Loss Prevention ROI Calculator for the University to refer to before attempting this venture. Not many schools would make such a partnership but the deal has been beneficial to the driver, Brandon Brown (a Coastal student and alumni), his team and Coastal Carolina. The sponsorship helps the driver and his team cover the expenses of travel, salaries and vehicle maintenance. The return on investment for the school is the national recognition the school receives every time Mr. Brown, his truck and now Xfinity series race car are viewed on television. In a feature page on Coastal’s website in a story by Brent Reser, “In The Fast Lane”, Bill Plate, CCU’s Vice President for University Communications, pointed out the benefit of the sponsorship for Coastal with the school’s Chanticleer logo prominently displayed. “It is no different than a billboard except this billboard moves up and down moves up and down I-95”,  Plate says referring to the trailer marked with Coastal insignia that transports Brown’s vehicle”…Plate goes on to say, “Then on race day it is a billboard that goes 180 mph…” NASCAR is a hugely popular sport and is watched all across the nation so the attention garnered aids in recruiting new students. It is also helpful to the CCU athletics teams in recruiting efforts to make the school competitive on the highest levels. It was a risky move that has turned out well for the University.

The Loss Prevention ROI Calculator gives retailers the ability to see how adding Loss Prevention system to their store will add security that reduces shrink without taking a risk. Click on the ROI calculator on the top of the Loss Prevention Systems Inc. home page and enter two key pieces of information, your estimated annual sales and the amount you would spend on a Sensormatic system. The calculator has a built in shortage reduction factor so it will give you the estimated number of months it would take for a system to pay for itself. In other words Loss Prevention can pay for itself. The Loss Prevention ROI Calculator removes any and all risks a store owner takes in the purchase of a Sensormatic security system by showing the benefits it will provide.

As a former Loss Prevention Manager with over 27 years of retail experience I have first-hand knowledge that Checkpoint systems work. I have seen top theft departments drastically improve in shortage performance after Sensormatic tags and labels were used on merchandise. I have complete confidence that after using the Free Loss Prevention Calculator you will see that your business can see similar shortage improvement. 

Adding a school logo to a racing truck and car was a calculated risk for CCU. There was no way to measure what the impact would be prior to sponsoring the team. Adding a Sensormatic security system to your store doesn’t need to be a risk. The Free Loss Prevention Calculator gives a realistic expectation of how much store owners will save in reduced inventory shrinkage. Decreased shrink means more profit and merchandise in the store for customers to purchase and THAT is something to crow about!


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