Alpha High Theft Solutions is always on the cutting edge. We now have two more weapons in our arsenal when protecting liquor and wine. This is bottle security at its best.

Magna Guarde Bottle Cap – this bottle cap is designed for those extra-large bottle necks and uniquely shaped caps. Like all of Alpha’s bottle caps, Magna Guarde provides product denial. This means that not only is the bottle protected from shoplifters but it also keeps a person from opening the bottle in the store to pour off or consume. Magna Guarde is the same design style as EASy Guarde.

3 Alarm Omni Guarde Bottle Cap – WOW, this is a hot item. Imagine an Alpha Bottle Cap with a 3 Alarm sounder built in!!! An Alpha High Theft Solutions 3 Alarm Bottle Cap provides protection on three levels: first, if the shoplifter tries to remove the cap in store, the 95 db sounder goes off.

Second, if a shoplifter attempts to remove the bottle from the store, it will set the Checkpoint System or other EAS system off.

Third, if the product goes through the Checkpoint System, other EAS system or Alpha’s Nano Gate, the built in 95 db sounder goes off. This feature also provides a bit of entertainment as the shoplifter has no choice but to give you back the bottle hidden inside their coat or bag that is screaming out.

This combined with product denial makes the 3 Alarm Omni Guarde Bottle Cap the hot item in the bottle security market.

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