Some people will go to extremes to get a full refund, even if it means committing return fraud. Returns cost retailers billions of dollars every year and the number continues to rise. Wardrobing is one of the most common problems that many stores face. Lots of companies have policies that allow returns as long as the customer has the proof of purchase, either from in the store or online. This is where the criminal customer takes advantage of the store and basically”rents” what they want for free. There is a simple solution to this problem: Alpha Shark Tags.

First, let me tell you about some horror stories I found about some of the craziest customer returns that employees had to deal with. One young lady worked in a small independent clothing store. Every week she had a regular customer that would come in and she would help her put together outfits. They would get it all picked out together, even the accessories. This customer would always make such a big deal about how great she felt when she wore these outfits out, and how many compliments she received. The clerk felt great because she thought she was helping this woman. Truthfully the poor clerk was just being scammed, and this loyal customer was actually engaging in wardrobing. The customer had figured out this clerk’s weekly schedule and on her days off the woman would come back to return everything she had previously purchased. The clothing was clearly worn when she brought it back, but she would insist that the clerk had told her it was fine to bring it back if she wasn’t completely satisfied.

Return fraud doesn’t just happen in your basic clothing retailers. Imagine working for a formal wear dealer.  Those employees dread prom season. Moms and daughters will come in and buy the most expensive dress in the store and then come back the day after prom to get their money back. They claim they were not happy with the quality of the dress.They come back with their credit card receipts and expect full refunds.  Of course the garments reek of cigarette smoke and beer. And that’s not to mention the nasty sweat stains.

Alpha Shark Tags can help retailers stop this free renting phenomenon in it’s tracks. Simply attach the tags to the clothing. It is recommended that you put them in very obvious areas so they cannot be hidden or tucked in. They stop wardrobing because they are part of the return policy. They are not like price tags that can just fall off. Alpha Shark Tags are intended to be removed at home with a simple pair of household scissors. So, once the customer cuts the tag off, the item can no longer be returned to the store. Some stores even attach copies of their new return policy right to the garment so there can be no confusion.  These are great, easy to use, tools that will save your staff from arguing with customers about refunds.

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