There are many retail loss prevention controls that can be put in place . Have you ever noticed the back of your debit credit card? (I hope you all have any way!!) There is a strip on the back for your signature. This serves a purpose in that the retailer should check for a signature match on a slip when a purchase is made. If no signature is present, the retailer should ask for identification.

A few months ago, I walked in a Home Depot Store, purchased a $500 dollar item. That part of the story is not very remarkable. The way I purchased the item is. I used a company credit card, in a man’s name, (I am female). The cashier looked at me, said thank you and I left with my item. Not a good way for retail loss prevention to be obtained.

Credit card fraud is a huge problem in actual retail stores. The retailers have become very relaxed on their credit card acceptance policies. One reason is a retailer is not liable for fraudulent credit card charges. It gives them no incentive to check identities of the user. The second reason they are so negligent is they want to shorten customer’s time standing in a checkout line.

Would be credit card thieves contribute to inventory shrinkage through many different avenues. Preventing credit card fraud at your locations is one of the easiest ways to implement the first steps in a retail loss prevention program.

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