Have you been wondering how you are going to start controlling your increasing shrink numbers? Especially in a tough economy every business owner is looking for solutions to prevent shoplifting which is a significant contributor to your ever rising shrink numbers.

Are you in the market for an anti-shoplifting solution that could assist your bottom line? If the answer is yes, I would like to offer some possible solutions to improve your net margins.

Since shoplifting is one of the biggest drags on your bottom line, have you answered the question on how you are going to stop shoplifting? Although I am not aware of a way to completely stop shoplifting, having a solid business plan which includes well trained employees and using equipment like Checkpoint security systems can most certainly put the brakes on shoplifting losses in your stores.

Checkpoint security systems are made up of antennas which are installed at the front of the store while your merchandise is equipped with checkpoint tags or checkpoint labels. The type of merchandise you sell in your stores will dictate if you should use hard tag or labels or possibly both. The process to have Checkpoint Security systems installed is very straight forward; the Checkpoint tags can be attached to clothing articles while other merchandise should have Checkpoint labels applied. After you have deployed an anti-shoplifting strategy including Checkpoint Security Systems, you should see an increase in your bottom line within a very short period of time.

Retail theft prevention is not only responsible, it boosts your profits. Shoplifters can quickly ravage a store, and left unchallenged will hurt the morale of the store associates and eventually kill the business. If your business continues to experience losses, you may have to cut the hours of your employees. You may start on that downward spiral that may ultimately result in the closure of your business.

Start deploying anti-shoplifting measures to curb and continue on the road to stop shoplifting. Retail theft prevention is a true possibility, but you must take the first step and develop your anti-shoplifting program. Retail theft can be prevented by the use of Checkpoint security systems and will help put your business back in the black. If your store is experiencing inventory shrinkage and you are at a loss for the next step, consider what you’ve done to help on the anti-shoplifting front.

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