Look at theft from the shoplifter’s point of view. “I want that item (for personal use, for a friend or to sell). If I can get it out of the store, then it is mine.” So we put an Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) label or tag on it. The shoplifter still somehow steals the item and that is it.

But, we have another weapon. We can protect certain merchandise items with a tag that provides benefit denial. In other words even if the shoplifter is able to steal the item, it will do them no good because to get the benefit denial tag off, they have to destroy or ruin the product. The value of it is now gone.

The oldest of these types of tags is the ink tag. This tag will also set off the Checkpoint System, if they attempt to remove it from the store. However, if they try to remove the ink tag several glass vials break and a permanent dye ruins the cloth item it is attached to.  In the early days shoplifters would put the item in the freezer to freeze the dye, then try to get the tags off. The dyes now have an anti-freeze in them.

We have other benefit denial programs. Bottle caps such as the EASy Guarde and Magna Guarde cover the top of a liquor or wine bottle. They too have an EAS tag built into them. If the shoplifter tries to get the bottle lock off, chances are they will shatter the bottle first. EASy Guarde and Magna Guarde come in both RF and AM formats. However, a retailer can use them without an EAS system like Checkpoint.

An Alpha High Theft Product’s “O” Tag can also provide benefit denial for merchandise with an electrical cord. The O Tag clams over the cord. To remove it without a proper detacher requires the cord to be cut. There are other options for jewelry, lingerie, sporting goods and DVDs.

Benefit denial is not for every type of merchandise. However, expensive items can be given this extra layer of protection. The best feature is that when the shoplifter sees a benefit denial tag, they tend to go elsewhere such as your competitor who has no protection. It is simply not worth the time and effort for the shoplifter.