In part 1 of this discussion, I covered the value of Alpha Security S3i technology to enhance retail anti-theft devices already in a store. The system can take the capabilities of electronic article surveillance, Alpha locks, and 3 alarm Alpha hard tags and add intelligence tracking that can follow merchandise through zones that have been created to track tagged items. Loss Prevention isn’t the only beneficiary of Alpha S3i, store operations benefits as well. Businesses that upgrade their systems to include the S3i technology can enjoy inventory management information that can improve merchandise replenishment.


Alpha Security S3i allows tracking of merchandise but consider what this can do for driving profitable sales. Smaller stores (and in many cases even large ones) cannot always staff to cover all departments all the time.  I know from experience that this can result in lost sales for a store. I have seen customers select merchandise and walk around looking for someone that can answer a question about the product. If they cannot find that sales person, the customer gets aggravated and puts the merchandise down and leaves. They WILL get what they are looking for but it won’t be at your store. No matter how small that sale may seem at the time, you can never measure what the long term impact will be to your business.  Does that customer decide it isn’t worth the time to bother returning in the future? What do they tell their friends about their experience? Alpha Security S3i will send store employees real time alerts when a product secured with S3i Alpha hard tags or spider wrap is taken from a designated zone. The alert can come over a radio, a smart device such as a tablet or phone or even a PA system. How great would it be for a store that may have tight payroll budgets to be able to have staff receive an alert and they can immediately respond to assist that customer? By having a quick response to a customer in need of help, the sales associate can answer questions, make suggestions for upselling, and close the sale.   


 Alpha Technology S3i can also assist in inventory management information. Larger companies have the resources to afford automated replenishment orders based on sales information. For example, if there are 5 bottles of detergent on the shelf, the system may trigger an order based on the number of units sold. Once it gets to a certain point the distribution center may get a replenishment request. Smaller stores often cannot afford the same type of replenishment systems and may have to rely on manual counts, adjustments, and even guessing to determine how much of an item they need to order or when to order.  Alpha security S3i can provide sales data that can assist in analyzing when merchandise is being sold and how much is sold by tracking when S3i devices are removed.  It also provides tamper information and while this is a Loss Prevention issue, from an in-stocks perspective it helps identify merchandise that may need to be replenished quickly. Remember, if an item is stolen it still has to be replenished for the honest customer to buy. Delays in restocking can result in lost sales. Faster identification means faster replenishment for your store.


Finally, S3i Alpha technology allows stores to put more merchandise on open display. Electronics that may have been kept locked in a display case can be secured with S3i Alpha spider wrap and Alpha hard tags, high end purses can be secured with S3i Alpha cable locks. For increasing sales, taking more products out of showcases and providing access to customers should always be the preferred option. People want to select merchandise, exam it and take it to a register. Waiting for someone to show up with a key can be a cause for someone to simply leave. Call buttons do not necessarily mean immediate service and can lead to more aggravation when a customer pushes the button multiple times and receives no assistance. Allowing S3i to work for your store can boost your overall sales and improve customer satisfaction.


Improved replenishment capabilities, store staffing and customer access are some of the ways your business can benefit operationally from S3i service. Work smarter not harder by using S3i technology. See what Alpha Technology can do for you!


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