Used by libraries of all sizes, a library theft detection system consistently reduces the inventory and asset losses due to theft and accidental removal. Sometimes smaller libraries feel like they are at a disadvantage because of their size and financial resources to protect their resources.

All they see are expensive, and extensive systems, that are out of reach. Checkpoint Systems are, however, much more affordable. They rely on a more basic set up and installation process. As a result, the maintenance and upkeep of using Checkpoint Systems for library theft prevention is much more affordable than other systems.

Checkpoint Systems do not need to rely on integration into an electronic or digital check out system to be effective. This is a system that can run independently. This way, regardless of whether your library is highly digitized, or is still doing paper and stamp checkouts, you can benefit from library theft prevention.

This is where the biggest cost savings occurs. If you can run a library theft detection system on it’s own, then you eliminate the expense of having to add more complicated total library integration.

Don’t let the size of your funding prevent your library from putting an end to missing magazines and resource materials. Make a minimal investment work for you.

Visit the Loss Prevention Store to purchase Library Theft Detection System devices and your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system from Checkpoint Systems to stop inventory losses.

For more information on a Library Theft Detection System, Library Theft Prevention, or a Checkpoint System and how they can work with your Electronic Article Surveillance or EAS system contact us at Retail theft prevention to stop inventory losses in your library or call 1.770.426.0547