To the nightclub owners and managers out there who are looking for new ideas to make your club more profitable, the following scenarios are for you: OH BOY!  It’s your birthday and you want to celebrate? How about having some family and friends over for some cake and fun party hats and a game of charades? Planning a class reunion and you want to go to the former high school and reminisce about “the good old days”? Go all out and add a punch bowl and cookies THAT will be fun!  Maybe it is an office party you are planning and nothing is more special than meeting in the office and everyone bringing a dessert tray! I am not poking fun at any of these suggestions they actually fall right up my alley (all except for the charades and party hats and I really didn’t like high school, so nix that idea), but there are people who are looking to spice up their celebrations. One great idea is to take your party to a nightclub that offers a bottle service.


I know you want to ask me what is the difference between taking your group to a club and having a good time or going to a nightclub with a bottle service? Well, there is quite a bit of difference. Think of it like this, anyone can go to a baseball game and get general admission tickets and if you aren’t stuck up in the nosebleed section or behind a pillar, you might get to see some of the ball game (you might also be stuck next to the drunk guy with the stupid foam finger, screaming in your ear). Someone that goes to that same ball game and gets box seats sits near the action, has more room, better access to EVERYTHING! (I am not that guy). Bottle Service at a nightclub comes in the form of a VIP reservation and varying levels of service. One tier of service may sit you at a private booth near the dancefloor and the DJ while another level of service may offer a private room overlooking the dancefloor. Regardless of the VIP level you purchase, all come with a bottle (or two, depending on the level) of top shelf wine or spirits. A bottle service waiter or waitress is usually dedicated to serve the group. The price for the bottle(s) is significantly marked up but this is offset by the personal attention the group receives from the server. The bottle of choice is also secured with a bottle lock that can only be opened by the server with a special key they carry.  


So now you want to know how your group benefits from the waiter or waitress with a bottle lock key. You may even want to know why you aren’t just pouring your own drinks. The bottle lock keeps people who are not members of your party from sneaking drinks from your bottle. Even with a dedicated server, you are still in nightclub and things can be a bit hectic. The bottle lock also keeps members of your own party from over filling their drinks. Your waiter or waitress pours your drinks and mixes them for you, ensuring a proper serving is measured out. Once a round of drinks is poured the bottle lock goes back on and bottle is secured until time for another round. Bottle locks also help you to keep your party fun and controlled. If a member of the group is starting to go from life of the party to the drunk with the foam finger, the server can deny further access to the bottle since he or she has the bottle lock key.


If you are the owner of a nightclub and you want to increase profits, put yourself in the place of the person wanting to add pizzazz to their party. Make your clients feel like VIPs and add a bottle service to your business with dedicated staff and bottle locks. And hey, throw in a game of charades if you want to!


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