Checkpoint has release several new tags. One of the most exciting is the EP-3210 Clear Poly (Enhanced Performance). This tag is “see-thru”. Checkpoint has really outdone itself this time!

This tag can be placed directly over the barcode on a product. The barcode can then be read directly through the tag. But there is more. The EP-3210 Clear Poly pretty much disappears once in place. Yes the circuit of the tag is visible but in the tests we have run the tag blends into many products packaging.

Checkpoint truly is the innovator in the Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) market. The new line of EP tags include two sizes of round tags which are great for small boxes or bottles and have no corners that may have to wrap around the edges. Other sizes include the postage stamp size and the EP-410, which is the same size as the traditional 410 tag.

But why use the new EP tags? This series gives the BEST performance of any 8.2 tags in the market, period end of sentence!

All Checkpoint security tags deliver performance well above any other manufacture. The adhesive is aggressive and wont give out and cause the tag to fall off the merchandise. When a Checkpoint security tag is deactivated… it is deactivated. It will not re-activate on it’s own. Reactivated tags are common with non-Checkpoint and cause embarrassing alarms when your customer attempts to exit your store after a legitimate purchase.

Loss Prevention Systems carries the entire Checkpoint security tag line including the EP-3210 Clear Poly. Call us today. 1-770-426-0547.