My checkpoint system’s label deactivation does not seem to be working.


Many times this is a simple fix. The first thing to do is to check that the power cord is

plugged into a 110 volt power outlet and that it is being powered. If you are not certain that the

outlet is powering the system, look for the power light on the checkpoint chassis to see if it is

on. If the light on the chassis is not on, test the power outlet by unplugging the system and then

plugging in a light or lamp to the outlet to see if it is receiving sufficient power.

Make sure to also check the other end of the cord and see if it is firmly and completely

plugged into the deactivation chassis. The chassis is generally located under your

cash/wrap. If this test does not resolve the issue, then look at the wire going from the

checkpoint deactivation chassis to the pad. This pad is usually mounted underneath the counter

and contains a grey colored wire which connects the pad to the deactivation checkpoint

system chassis. Look for frayed or broken wires on the system and confirm that the wires are

in good condition.

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