Don’t get your nose out of joint over this article. I’m going to bend over backwards to help you understand what fantastic uses there are for i-pads and computer tablets in the world of chiropractic medicine. Of course I won’t be twisting your arm to read any further if you are tired of bad puns, on the other hand I hope I caught your attention and you will continue on, even if I seem to be a pain in the neck. Prior to writing this article I have never thought about the possibility there could be a use for mobile devices in chiropractic practices. However, there are apps available to chiropractic doctors that can be downloaded to help improve patient care. I will discuss some of these apps but it is important to remember that whenever mobile devices are used in a medical practice there is a chance of i-pad theft of tablet theft. Doctors and their staffs must be careful to ensure that when they do use mobile medical devices they take care of them and prevent sensitive information from getting into the hands of strangers. One way to do this is to use an Alpha Thunder Tag on a device.


An Alpha Thunder Tag is an anti-theft device that is attached to a mobile device with an adhesive and because of an anti-tamper alarm it cannot be removed without the proper tool. The tag works with an electronic article surveillance antenna, sending out a radio frequency signal that can be received by an antenna if a tagged device is carried too close to the antenna. In the event of an attempted i-pad theft or tablet theft the Alpha Thunder Tag would cause the antenna to activate its’ alarms. The alarms are a loud, audible beeping noise and a flashing LED light that alert staff a breach is about to take place. There is third protection built into the tags, a self-alarm that sounds in the device if a thief gets it out a door, past an EAS antenna. This alarm makes it easy to identify the person who has the i-pad or tablet in their possession, especially if several people are in the area. 


Earlier I mentioned that I had not considered there could be apps for i-pads or tablets in chiropractic care. I was surprised to find there are actually quite a few. Starting off there is “Clipboard” that “streamlines patient registration and reduces the risk of data entry errors”, “Patient Check-In” which allows patients to check in for their appointment and “iEHR”. This last application allows doctors to “edit patient data, view clinical history, or create patient iEHR forms” (information is from How convenient would it be to have all of this information readily available on a portable mobile device rather than sorting through a paper record chart? Another app I located that I found interesting is “CT Outcomes 6.5”. This app, part of a suite of applications from this developer, “…offers patients the ability to fill out their outcome assessments on a portable device…”  ( The “ChiroCloser” app uses 3D animations and a “white boarding” feature to assist doctors in explaining a patient diagnosis or procedure. Spin Tech Pro offers X-ray analysis software and generates reports for chiropractors ( ). 


With the availability of so much information on patients, their treatment, care, billing records, etc. it is easier to keep the records in electronic format and mobile devices for a care center are a great way to do it. It is important that the information on the devices not be compromised due to tablet theft or i-pad theft. Patient data breaches can be costly to a medical practice so it is important to secure i-pads and tablets, ensuring they don’t leave the building. Placing an Alpha Thunder Tag on each device and setting up EAS antennas at every entrance can prevent the theft of these items and keep patient information secure. 



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