Magnetic 9kG Pinless Tag by Sensormatic

Details on the Magnetic 9kG Pinless Tag by Sensormatic

Magnetic 9kG Pinless Tag by Sensormatic

This pinless, hard tag with adjustable clip provides exceptional protection for a variety of apparel and sporting goods.
A versatile, one-piece solution, this tag attaches securely without damaging merchandise.

Retailer Values

  • Magnetic 9kG Pinless Tag Adjustable spring-loaded metal clip for secure attachment without damaging merchandise
  • Robust ABS plastic housing combined with a fortified metal clip keeps merchandise secure
  • Small size provides the ideal visual deterrent without interfering with the shopper experience
  • High magnetic strength for superior protection

    Solution Application

    Department Store, Specialty Apparel, Discount, General Merchandise, Sporting Goods, DIY

    Product Codes


    Product Compatibility


    Magnetic 9kG Detachers

    Magnetic 5 and 9kG Detacher

    Detacher Type


    Environmental Constraints


    Maximum storage temperature not to exceed 60°C (140° F) for 96 hours at 80% RH.


    Unaffected by 80% humidity at 60°C (140°F), up to 96 hours.


    Color…………… Gray

    Length…..Closed position: 63.5mm (2.5in)

    Open position: 76.0mm (3.0in)

    Depth………..14.5mm (0.57in)

    Weight……….. 23.8g (0.83oz)

    Pullout Force…….45.35kg (100lbs)

    Lock Magnetic Strength ………. 9kG

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