I read about a new people counting system called VisiPlus today and I was impressed to say the least. I have long talked about the benefits of Big data and its uses in LP. You cannot have useful data when you do not have accurate data. This is as true in LP as it is for business in general. The system is a door counting sensor that connects seamlessly with the existing suite of entrance technologies that many of us in retail already use for LP purposes. Here is one more piece of that big data puzzle.


How can a door counting sensor, a people counting system, really have that big of an impact on analytics or operations? Pattern recognition. Operations has long been using sales data, volume of sales and scans per minute to determine the traffic patterns and busy times in their buildings. This data allows for them to schedule enough staff to meet demand and plan out other aspects of the day efficiently. Sales data is a part of the picture but it isn’t wholly accurate. Say you had a giant sale come in on a Tuesday at 3 pm. The sales data looks like you were super busy and if you reacted to that information alone you will find yourself overstaffed the following Tuesday, burning payroll chasing dollars that are just the ghosts of sales past.


Having a people counting system also provides data that you can apply directly to productivity. I learned a valuable lesson about productivity and management when I was young and in my first supervisor position. I worked all day and felt that, while certainly hectic at times, my day was a great and productive one. When my store manager called me into his office at the end of the day I couldn’t wait to hear how great I had done. That was not the conversation we had. My boss asked me to tell him all I had accomplished today which I did, with great enthusiasm and reference to how busy it was all day. After I gave him the list he did some quick math and pointed out that my total tasks accomplished would take 2 hours to complete, what did I do with the other 6?


Needless to say I was stunned and that conversation stuck with me. I had never realized how busy but unproductive I could be. I have used that lesson countless times and teach it to managers who struggle with productivity. How does that relate to the door counting sensor though? With accurate data on the number of people entering and exiting the building you will have a truly accurate picture of how “busy” it was.


It’s a common tale told by the unproductive. They tell management how much they tried to do but they were swamped with customers. Even when there are no sales to back that up they tell you of all the people they helped who didn’t end up buying anything. With a people counting system in place you will know exactly how many people came and went and exactly when. The door counting sensor produces data that can be applied in countless ways to improve a variety of aspects of your business.


As LP I think of other expanded uses. Tracking various exit points and paths to determine if everyone who came in exited, if people utilized a secured point of entry more than it was logged being open. The potential applications of a people counting system are endless as its impact on your business. Big Data and Analytics are the way of the future for Ops and for LP. You wouldn’t paint a picture without all the colors of paint, why would you build plans for your business without all the data?


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